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No expiration date
Less than 2$ per HD clip
All In One License
  • Full HD clips
  • H.264 Format
  • Horizontal / Vertical
  • Graded Footage
New Clips Weekly

4K Pro
250 clips

No expiration date
Less than 4$ per 4K clip
All In One License
  • Full HD - 4K clips
  • H.264 Format
  • Horizontal / Vertical
  • Graded Footage
New Clips Weekly

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All In One License
  • Full HD - 4K clips
  • H.264 Format
  • Graded Footage
  • Partner Program
New Clips Weekly
100% Royalty Free Extended License All Media Worldwide & Lifetime License YouTube Monetization
Unprofitable monthly or yearly subscription ? Not with us ! All our package have no expiration date.

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License use & Property


We have one and only license : the All In One License
All of our clips are 100% royalty-free: We grant you a commercial, non-exclusive, timeless, worldwide right with unlimited seat access to use each Video licensed by you in a single end product in any possible media :

  • YouTube monetization, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Vimeo, Twitch, ...
  • Broadcast/OTT, Film & TV, Theatrical, Video Games
  • Video streaming subscription service: Netflix, Amazon, Disney, ...
  • Commercials, Online Ads, Websites, Mobile, Events, Marketing
  • Blogs, Presentations
  • Non-Profits
  • Private Use

In short, our "All in One" license covers all platforms and media that exist today.

Royalty Free means you pay to license the footage once upfront, without the need to pay any additional or ongoing fees, so your customers are covered: you and/or your customer must use the Video Clip or Pack in compliance with this License. In other words, having a license means using, not owning a clip.
If you have purchased a package offer, the clip(s) you licensed are cleared forever, even when your plan runs out.

Video clips licensed by you must be used appropriately and reasonably.

What is the appropriate use ?

This means that you may not use any of our video clips in a pornographic, illegal or defamatory context or to promote criminal activity.

What is reasonable use ?

Reasonable Use is a set of guidelines we use to help prevent misuse of our site resources and protect our contributors. The guidelines also help prevent the theft or unlicensed use of video clips hosted on our platform. Regardless of your package, after downloading 100 clips, we ask you to come back after 1 working day (24h) if you want to download more.

Please review the full license agreement for more details.


Pay per clip


Can I buy a single clip?

YES, We appreciate the importance of freedom of choice.
This is why you do not need to purchase a package to license the clip(s) of your choice from the entire catalog on our website.
Purchase what you want when you need it !

  • Price for vertical clip: $9 in HD
  • Price for single clip: $39 in HD / $99 in 4K
  • Price for clip pack: $119 in HD / $299 in 4K

Clips vary in length depending on how each of our filmmakers shoots and cuts their footage, but each clip tends to be between 6 and 59 seconds.

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Do I get the same license terms as the pack offers?

Yes, sure :

  • All our clips are 100% royalty free. You are purchasing a non-exclusive, commercial or editorial license.
  • This license gives you the rights to use the clips worldwide, for life with unlimited number of views.
  • The clip for which you purchased the license is valid for a single final project in all possible media




Footage.Film is a platform that offers curated and high-quality footage licensing for filmmakers, production companies and video creators to cover multiple end customers (Media/brands).
Members with active membership have full access to the entire catalog of video clips on our website.

As soon as you purchase a package, you can choose from all the collections and choose the clip(s) you want based on the limitations of your membership option: in short every video clip on Footage.Film is included in every membership option.


Our site offers 3 different packages :

  • HD Creator - HD / Graded Footage / 250 Clips / For Life
  • 4K Pro - 4K / Graded Footage / 250 Clips / For Life
  • Partner - 4K / Graded Footage / Partner Program / For Life

Because we are extremely attached to your freedom, your membership ends when your package (HD Creator or 4K Pro) runs out: what does it mean ? On Footage.Film, there is no question of losing one or more unused clip(s) from one month to the next or from one year to the next, you can use your package in 5 days or 5 years, It's entirely up to you !

Why ?

Because we want to guarantee you that every dollar you invest in one of our packages will be usable until your package runs out, you will not lose a dollar because of a bad subscription plan.
Likewise, your membership remains active until your package is fully used.

Of course you can upgrade your current membership package at any time and choose another one that suits you better by reaching out to
(Within the limits of available offers, our Partner For Life plan being in high demand, we cannot guarantee its permanent availability)

Footage is created by in-house production and top independent filmmakers. It is constantly updated with new video clips, which makes a Footage.Film membership continuously and constantly valuable.

We release new collections of footage every week. Everything is internally curated and high-quality takes time. View new content here:


Partner Program

expand_more is the first image bank in the world to offer you a lifetime membership, no longer worrying about renewing your subscription or losing your credits at the end of each year: it's for LIFE
Of course the number of seats is limited. This formula is in high demand and there may be no more seats available, you can join our waiting list here and we will inform you as soon as new seats open up.

Our partner program makes you a very special member since your access to all present and future collections on our platform for life.
Every year, you can suggest 10 new collection production wishes in the order of your preference, and our in-house production team will strive to fulfill some of them.

Of course, if you are looking for specific content, our teams are here to assist you.
Finally, as a partner you benefit from exceptional discounts on all new products launched on Footage.Film

Given the incredible advantages conferred by partner membership, the account is only accessible and usable by name by a single company, in no case by other entities belonging to the same group or the same holding company can have access to it.


Contributor application


As great films come with great footage, we are constantly striving to provide your projects with the best possible cinematic quality. And we can only do that by collaborating with the most talented filmmakers.
We do not work with a large number of filmmakers/contributors, we favor the best in their field, so there is a competitive application process with a high quality threshold.

If you would like to apply to become a contributor, please send us the link of your demo reel or portfolio, we would be very happy to discover your work:


Payment & Refund


How do I pay ?

You can pay with a credit card : Visa, Mastercard or IDCheck.
It's simple, secured and you will have immediate access to all the collections, according to your subscription package or access to the single clip you purchased right after payment.
There are no hidden fees.

Can I get a refund ?

  • If you have chosen the pay-per-clip option, we understand that sometimes a clip just doesn't work out like intended, that's why we provide you with watermarked preview clips that you can download and try in your edited film or presentation videos. If you bought the clip within the past 14 days and it was not downloaded, then we can give you a full refund or exchange it for the clip that you do need.
  • If you have purchased one of our packages, You have 14 days to cancel your package with a full refund if you haven't downloaded any footage.

For more information, read our license agreement or contact us.


Format & Resolution

  • We always use the highest quality video file available for our entire catalogue.
  • Our in-house production and contributors work in native 4K, mostly with RED cinema cameras, all our clips are delivered with color grading and without sound.
  • All video clips are available in H264.
  • The lowest resolution available is 1080p, but all of our clips are available in 4k

4K Clip

Codec: H264
Resolution: 3840×2160
Frame Rate: 29,97 fps
Bitrate: 100 Mbit/s

1080P Clip

Codec: H264
Resolution: 1920×1080
Frame Rate: 29,97 fps
Bitrate: 100 Mbit/s

Vertical Clip

Codec: H264
Resolution: 1080x1920
Frame Rate: 29,97 fps
Bitrate: 50 Mbit/s


Who we are


Footage.Film, a Fly&Dive SL property, is a platform that offers streamlined, high-quality footage licensing for production companies, filmmakers and video creators.
Whether you are a member with active membership or without a membership, you can access all the clips in our catalog.

Our clip collections offer many themes such as the environment, wildlife, culture, heritage, lifestyle, sport, food, underwater world, travel, religion,...
The footage is created by an in-house company and a small community of ultra-specialized and talented filmmakers.


Environmental commitment


Can Stock Footage be an environmental game-changer for the audiovisual industry?

We think so! We all know how polluting, fossil fuel-intensive and carbon-emitting filming can be.
Obviously, licensing one or more clips from a stock footage library can reduce the negative impact of our films on the planet: the shot is only shot once but licensed several times, so no need to send a team to shoot a shot or two.

The cinema and audiovisual sector has already begun its ecological transition and it is becoming necessary in many countries to calculate and forecast the carbon impact for each production.
Like you, we care about the environment. We also want to help you in your efforts, which is why we have calculated the carbon impact of each of our clips so that you can prepare your productions in full knowledge of this information.

In each collection, to the right of each clip or pack you will see a small green leaf. By hovering over this small green leaf, a tooltip will open to give you the carbon impact of the clip that you can license.
In our calculation, we take into consideration: the preparation of the shooting, the transport and the accommodation, all the material used during the shooting and the energy necessary for the operation, the whole post-production process and finally the storage on our servers.

Regarding our in-house productions, we optimize all our trips, we favor local teams and the equipment is limited to what is strictly necessary in order to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible.

If you would like more information on our approach, do not hesitate to contact us.




If you have questions regarding enterprise team (multi-user) accounts, subscriptions, custom license agreements, billing, or technical questions, do not hesitate to contact us, our team will be happy to help you :

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Money back Guarantee
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