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  • Big Five
    [35 clips]

    Collections of clips and packs of amazing big five safari in Africa. The Big Five refer to five large species of African mammals, known to be the most difficult and dangerous animals to approach : the solitary and secret leopard, the largest and most powerful wild bovid, the Cape buffalo, the largest cat of Africa and famous king of the jungle, the lion, the world's largest land animal the elephant and the rhinoceros considered as an endangered species. If you are lucky, you can observe them during a game in the incredibly rich fauna of Africa.

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  • Birds of Africa
    [39 clips]

    Clip collections of many different species of African birds. The African savannah has more than 2500 species of birds. Among the best known are the vultures, the ground hornbill, the grey crowned crane, the ostrich, the flamingo, the yellow-billed stork or many species of eagles but also a lot of very colorful little birds like the malachite kingfisher, the weavers, the superb starling, the red bishop or the famous Oxpecker which rubs shoulders with large mammals such as rhinos, buffaloes or giraffes feeding on the parasites, flies and ticks that gravitate around these animals. You can easily spot these birds and many others in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Namibia or Botswana. For observing local birdlife and a good game of birdwatching, don't forget your binoculars !

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  • African Savannah
    [112 clips]

    Collections of clips and packs from a safari in the African savanna. Discover the incredible diversity of African fauna and flora which includes many species of trees such as acacias, candelabra, baobabs but above all a large quantity of wild species: reptiles, monkeys, birds, small and large mammals, herbivores as carnivores coexist in the savannah. If the Serengeti and the Kruger are today the most famous national parks in Africa, the fauna can also be observed in the savannahs of Namibia, Kenya, Zimbabwe or Botswana. Enter the wild world of lions, hyenas, leopards, baboons, hippos, rhinos, elephants and many more.!

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  • Thailand National Park
    [56 clips]

    Discover the natural beauty of Khao Sok National Park with our premium collection of breathtaking wildlife footage. Immerse yourself in the heart of southern Thailand's tropical paradise and explore its lush rainforests, crystal-clear lakes, and awe-inspiring limestone cliffs. Our collection showcases the park's magnificent biodiversity, including asian elephants, gibbons, spectacled langur monkeys, macaques, indian buffalos (also named Gaur), little egret, kingfisher, eagles and hornbills, in their natural habitat. Whether you are professional filmmakers, documentary producers and advertising agencies looking to add stunning wildlife footage to their projects, our collection of wildlife from Khao Sok National Park is the perfect resource to inspire your next video project and transport your audience to this captivating natural wonderland with our high quality clips.

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