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  • Solar Energy

    Collections of clips and packs of different techniques for harnessing solar energy : through aerial views filmed by drone of thermodynamic solar power plant, photovoltaic panel fields or farms

    find out how the heat obtained will be converted into green electrical energy. In landscapes as different as the desert, the countryside or even on lakes, 

    solar energy is used in many ways all over the world. Solar panels have become more popular in recent decades and are among the most environmentally friendly renewable energy technologies to protect our planet and fight against global warming and greenhouse gas emissions. Little by little, fossil fuels will dry up and solar energy offers us a sustainable solution for the future. 

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  • Mines & Quarries
    [34 clips]

    Collections of clips and packs from gigantic mines and quarries. These manufactured landscapes are found in all countries that have significant mineral resources.

    In mines, minerals are extracted to produce coal or different types of metals like gold, silver, iron, copper, or zinc. But many other materials come from mining: oil shale, gemstones, rock salt and potash. Mines can be underground or open surface. the quarry is a place, often a deep hole in the ground, from which the stones are extracted which are then used for the construction of buildings such as granite, chalk, dimension stone, gravel, and clay.

    This human activity is very lucrative but the damage it causes to the environment is catastrophic, likewise, mines are the subject of such greed that they are often the cause of conflicts between countries and sometimes of civil wars. The mines are also the subject of controversies linked to the abuse of water, slavery or violence related to illegal mining activities.

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  • Hydroelectric Dam
    [16 clips]

    Collections of clips from a modern electronics research and development facility: diverse engineers work on computer motherboard soldering. Scientists design industrial PCBs, silicon microchips, semiconductors. Engineer project manager talks with scientist working on computer. Diverse team of professionals design electronic silicon parts.

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  • Wind Farm
    [41 clips]

    Clip collections and packs of several wind farms. These wind power plants or power stations bring together several wind turbines in the same place that produce electricity. Wind parks can be onshore or offshore. Some of the largest wind farms can generate up to several thousand megawatts. If wind turbines located on land are often criticized for their visual impact on landscapes, this is not the case for those located at sea. Although energy production capacities depend on weather conditions, wind turbines remain one of the most important alternative means of producing green energy that respects our environment.There are also parks which today bring together windmills and solar panels in the same place.

    In conclusion, this sustainable technology offers many advantages: the energy is renewable, non-polluting, inexhaustible and reduce the use of fossil fuels like petroleum, coal, natural gas, bitumens, tar sands or heavy oils.

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  • Volcanoes
    [29 clips]

    Collection of clips and pack of volcanoes filmed in aerial view : from erupting volcanoes, expelling hot lava and volcanic ash from magma chambers to dormant volcanoes, extinct volcanoes, lava dome, shield volcano, cinder cones, enter the world of supervolcanoes and fearsome fire monsters. Most mountains on earth were formed by volcanic eruptions and the gas emissions resulting from this process formed the Earth's atmosphere. Currently, there are about 500 active volcanoes on the planet. There are many kind of volcanoes, like cryptodomes, stratovolcanoes, fissure vents, mud volcanoes and even submarine, the phenomenon is always the same, plates tectonics moving apart and opening up in the earth's crust allow melting rock to escape, forming volcanoes.

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  • Nuclear Power Plant
    [19 clips]

    Nuclear Power Plant Clip Collections: Atomic energy finds its source in the fission of the atom, by splitting the atom, it releases its energy. This process, using uranium fuel, takes place inside nuclear power plant reactor core. As is typical in thermal power plants, the reactor heats water to generate steam which drives the blade of a steam turbine connected to a generator which produces electricity.

    From these aerial and camera views, you can see the cooling towers releasing steam. A nuclear power plant has a low carbon footprint like solar power or a wind farm and is considered a renewable source of energy, but raises more questions about safety, knowing that nuclear disasters have already taken place, the most famous being Chernobyl and Fukushima.

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  • Intensive Agriculture
    [84 clips]

    Collections of clips and packs showing fields and intensive agricultural productions around the world: through aerial views filmed by drone, discover vast areas where grow different types of

    crops: corn, wheat, soybeans, rice, olives but also fruits and vegetables mainly in greenhouses. Industrial agriculture sometimes extends over thousands of square kilometres, polluting the soil and contaminating groundwater through the massive use of fertilizers and herbicides, causing terrible environmental damage, damaging the landscapes like deforestation, controlling harvests by creating hybrid seed varieties. Intensive farming is mechanized agriculture often performed by machines such as combines, tractors, liquid herbicide sprayers. The same mechanisms and methods are used for intensive breeding.

    Industrial agricultural practices go hand in hand with the growing needs of the world population but do not adapt to the needs of soil regeneration, nor to a sustainable future due to massive use of water and fossil fuels.

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