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  • Ancient Egypt
    [26 clips]

    Collection of clips and packs about ancient Egypt. A young explorer and archaeologist takes you on a discovery of the ancient treasures of this four thousand-year-old civilization.

    A tourist trip to the land of pyramids, hyeroglyphs, temples, sphinxes, mummies and pharaohs. The sightseeing tour starts in Luxor then you go to discover Giza, Saqqara and so many other historical monuments. In this desert landscape, the handsome traveler guides us through a country of immense cultural richness and unique heritage in the world. 

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  • Solar Energy

    Collections of clips and packs of different techniques for harnessing solar energy : through aerial views filmed by drone of thermodynamic solar power plant, photovoltaic panel fields or farms

    find out how the heat obtained will be converted into green electrical energy. In landscapes as different as the desert, the countryside or even on lakes, 

    solar energy is used in many ways all over the world. Solar panels have become more popular in recent decades and are among the most environmentally friendly renewable energy technologies to protect our planet and fight against global warming and greenhouse gas emissions. Little by little, fossil fuels will dry up and solar energy offers us a sustainable solution for the future. 

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  • Horse Riding
    [23 clips]

    Collections of clips and packs from a horse-riding desert excursion. A handsome young man and rider spends the day at a magnificent stud farm. He discovers different Arab stallions. He leaves the stables, once his magnificent white horse is saddled and begins a long horseback ride in the desert and along the beaches.

    The horse rider loves these wide open spaces, the dust raised by the galloping horse's hooves and admiring the setting sun over this incredible landscape. Horseback riding is one of the favorite activities of tourists during their holidays.

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  • The Red Sea
    [57 clips]

    Collections of clips and packs of a diving trip in the Red Sea (Egypt): in this magical atmosphere you will dive with schools of Anthias, titan triggerfish, octopus, clown fish, parrot fish, green turtles, soldier fish, reef sharks, squirrelfish, blue ray, moray eel, goatfish, butterfly fish, greasy grouper, lion fish, eagle ray, crocodile fish... to name just a few species among the thousands of pelagics and the myriad of creatures that abound in the Red Sea. Divers explore colorful coral reefs with huge pinnacles, fire corals, gorgonian sea fans or atmospheric caves and immerse you in extraordinary marine areas.

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  • Tokyo From Above
    [33 clips]

    Collections of clips and Packs from Tokyo City, capital and largest city of Japan. Fly over the urban jungle of this modern and contemporary architecture full of skyscrapers and impossibly tall buildings.

    These drone views highlight one of Asia's most beautiful skylines. Discover the best views of Tokyo Tower, a red and white tower inspired by the Eiffel Tower, Rainbow Bridge, Port of Tokyo, Tokyo Station,

    the Giant Sky Wheel, Tokyo Bay and the incredible rail network of electric train lines. The center of Tokyo megacity is teeming with life, the most famous districts like Shibuya, Shinjuku, Akihabara, Odaiba, Ginza, Shimbashi are known for their population density but also for their car traffic. 

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  • Discover Egypt
    [48 clips]

    Collections of clips and packs from a journey in Egypt: from Cairo to Luxor, a young handsome man travels among the wonders of the ancient Egypt, discovering the pyramids, the temples and the incredible richness of the cultural heritage. During this wonderful trip, he experiences various tourist activities and adventures like horse riding along the beach, buggy in the desert, scuba diving on the colorful coral reefs of the Red Sea. At the end of his stay, he enjoys life on the banks of the Nile to rest, relax, sunbathe by the pool, smoke hookah and drink good wine at the sunset.

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  • Coffee Plantation
    [72 clips]

    Collections of clips and packs from a coffee plantation in South America. All the stages of coffee production, from the cultivation of the plant to the harvesting of the beans by the workers in the field, through the blooming, maturation and roasting to the different ways of preparing the coffee. Growing coffee requires cool to warm tropical climates and altitude, the coffee belt runs along the equator all over the planet, with crops in the Caribbean, Central and South America, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Arabica and Robusta are the most famous varieties of coffee and make up the bulk of coffee exports worldwide. Coffee beans are red when harvested, then turn dark when roasted.

    To prepare the coffee, use freshly ground coffee beans, then brew it with an expresso machine, a moka pot, an aeropress or a French Press, some use coffee bags (instant coffee).

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  • Maaloula & Deir Mar Musa
    [23 clips]

    Collections of clips from the Syrian city of Maaloula and the Deir Mar Musa monastery. Maaloula is known to be one of the last places in the world where Neo-Aramaic is still spoken to this day but also a place of pilgrimage for catholics both Christians and Orthodox. The village built on the rugged mountainside has many ancient monasteries, churches sanctuaries and convents, including the famous Saint Sarkis (Saint Sergius), Convent of Saint Thecla and the statue of the Virgin Mary. Many pilgrims also go not far from Maaloula to the monatic community of Deir Mar Musa.

    Perched on top of a cliff, the earliest remains of the monastery of Deir Mar Musa (Monastery of Saint Moses the Abyssinian) date from the 6th century but the current church dates from the 11th century. Despite the Syrian conflict, these 2 places still retain a solemn historical character for Christians in the East and around the world.

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  • Big Five
    [35 clips]

    Collections of clips and packs of amazing big five safari in Africa. The Big Five refer to five large species of African mammals, known to be the most difficult and dangerous animals to approach : the solitary and secret leopard, the largest and most powerful wild bovid, the Cape buffalo, the largest cat of Africa and famous king of the jungle, the lion, the world's largest land animal the elephant and the rhinoceros considered as an endangered species. If you are lucky, you can observe them during a game in the incredibly rich fauna of Africa.

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  • Container Terminal
    [29 clips]

    Collections of clips and packs depicting container terminals. There are various types of container terminals, such as container port, trucks terminal or container train terminal.

    These terminals provide storage facilities for loaded and empty containers. Loaded containers are transported either by sea, by road or by rail. These huge logistics platforms are used as a hub to transport containers around the world. It is the main way to export and import all kinds of goods, equipment, food, clothing, raw and processed materials. There are several kinds of containers: dry storage container, flat rack container, refrigerated ISO containers and other special purpose containers. The most famous container ports in the world, but also the largest, are: Shanghai (China), Singapore, Shenzhen (China), Busan (South Korea), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Los Angeles (U.S.A), Hamburg (Germany), Piraeus (Greece), Valencia (Spain), Le Havre (France).

    But these massive transport flows have a very significant impact on the environment and affect the planet by accentuating global warming, since more than a million containers are transported every day.

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  • Yachting & Sailing
    [142 clips]

    Clip collections and packs of different nautical activities such as sailing and yachting. Navigate and explore all the seas and oceans of the globe on boats of all kinds: sailing boats, luxury yachts and motorboats. Recreational sailing or yachting has become a way of life or a lifestyle. From the coastal sailing within sight of land, a daysailing or a sea-crossing of several days, enjoy the pleasure of sliding on the surface of the water while sunbathing. In drone view, Sailboats, catamarans, yachts and old ship cruise in the most beautiful blue and turquoise waters on the planet but also flying over huge yacht marina with dock used exclusively by non-industrial pleasure craft. Boats can also moor in basins provided for sailboats, small boats or cruising yachts. Let's go with the wind and as Rod Stewart sang it " We are sailing, we are sailing,...To be free".

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  • Gourmet Food
    [65 clips]

    Collection of premium clips featuring the kitchens of a gourmet restaurant and the preparation of dishes by professional chefs. Including close-ups and medium shots of the cooking process, as well as the dressing and plating of finished dishes, this unique collection immerses you in the art of gastronomy, from the preparation of delicious dishes to the final presentation. You'll see the careful selection and preparation of ingredients, as well as the expert techniques used to create a wide range of starters, main courses, and desserts. From risotto with prawns to fish with asparagus, the clips in this collection showcase the art of gourmet cooking in all its glory. One of the highlights of this collection is the recipe for the perfect egg, accompanied by crispy croutons and small bits of bacon. This dish is a feast for the eyes, and the close-ups shot with a high-end camera allow you to see the intricate details of the preparation process and the finished product. Also to discover in timelapse. There are many more surprises to taste with the eyes in this collection, including a wide range of delicious desserts and other gourmet dishes. Ice creams, chocolate desserts, lobster, meats, appetizers, sauces, fruits, vegetables,... This collection is sure to inspire and delight your audience whatever your video project or advertising.

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  • Galapagos Islands
    [52 clips]

    Collections of clips and packs on the underwater fauna of the Galapagos archipelago, the pearls of the Pacific ocean. Through the islands of San Cristobal, Santa Cruz, Isabela, Floreana, Fernandina and many others you will discover a unique marine reserve with incredible volcano seascapes. The Galapagos is one of the richest fauna of the underwater world : thousands of different species and pelagic fish. The biodiversity of the Galapagos delights divers from all over the world with sites as famous as Wolf and Darwin, Gordon Rocks, Kickers Rocks, Cape Marshall, Punta Vincente Roca, North Seymour, Mosquera and so many others. In this immaculate aquatic paradise you will make encounters as incredible as they are unexpected. : marine Iguanas, schooling Hammerheads, Penguins, schools of Golden Cownose Ray, Eagle rays, Whale Sharks, Turtles, Galapagos shark, Dolphins, Yellow-tailed Surgeonfish, King Angelfish, Sergeant-major, Parrot Fish, Octopi, Mola Mola Fish, Cormorants and Sea Lions. The fame of the Galapagos, part of the Republic of Ecuador, comes largely from the studies made by Charles Darwin, father of the theory of evolution.

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  • Yoga Studio
    [34 clips]
  • Mines & Quarries
    [34 clips]

    Collections of clips and packs from gigantic mines and quarries. These manufactured landscapes are found in all countries that have significant mineral resources.

    In mines, minerals are extracted to produce coal or different types of metals like gold, silver, iron, copper, or zinc. But many other materials come from mining: oil shale, gemstones, rock salt and potash. Mines can be underground or open surface. the quarry is a place, often a deep hole in the ground, from which the stones are extracted which are then used for the construction of buildings such as granite, chalk, dimension stone, gravel, and clay.

    This human activity is very lucrative but the damage it causes to the environment is catastrophic, likewise, mines are the subject of such greed that they are often the cause of conflicts between countries and sometimes of civil wars. The mines are also the subject of controversies linked to the abuse of water, slavery or violence related to illegal mining activities.

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  • Cartagena
    [48 clips]

    Collections of clips and packs of the beautiful city of Cartagena. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cartagena was an important port on the northern coast of Colombia during colonial times.

    This former Spanish colony overlooking the turquoise waters of the Caribbean is today a hotspot for international tourism. If its magnificent fortress has long repelled pirates, it now attracts many tourists who come to enjoy the sweetness of life in this colorful city. With its many historic buildings, its horse-drawn carriages, its Palenqueras, Cartagena is a cultural journey that will transport you to another era.

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  • Birds of Africa
    [39 clips]

    Clip collections of many different species of African birds. The African savannah has more than 2500 species of birds. Among the best known are the vultures, the ground hornbill, the grey crowned crane, the ostrich, the flamingo, the yellow-billed stork or many species of eagles but also a lot of very colorful little birds like the malachite kingfisher, the weavers, the superb starling, the red bishop or the famous Oxpecker which rubs shoulders with large mammals such as rhinos, buffaloes or giraffes feeding on the parasites, flies and ticks that gravitate around these animals. You can easily spot these birds and many others in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Namibia or Botswana. For observing local birdlife and a good game of birdwatching, don't forget your binoculars !

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  • Iceland from Above
    [146 clips]

    Clip and pack collections of stunning aerial views of Iceland. This carefully curated collection of premium aerial shots of the wonders of Iceland will have you soaring above riverbeds, erupting volcanoes, geysers, fumaroles, colorful mountains, glaciers, sea ice and many other amazing landscapes. This two-season travel collection (winter and summer) beautifully illustrates the unique beauty of this Nordic country. Located south of the Artic circle, the island is a delight for travelers and lovers of nature and adventure.

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  • Dolce Vita
    [50 clips]

    Collection of clips of a handsome young man enjoying la Dolce Vita while touring the Ligurian Riviera with its typical and colorful villages of the Cinque Terre, UNESCO World Heritage Site. He crosses this magnificent coastline aboard a classic car, enjoys the Mediterranean Sea during a Riva yacht getaway. In the footsteps of Casanova, the king of seducers, he delights in the Italian way of life, its exquisite cuisine and its delicious wines. Everything has already been said, written and sung about the Dolce Vita and the wild beauty of the Mediterranean coast and its thousand panoramas. Italy is truly a fascinating peninsula!

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  • Syria Heritage Sites
    [55 clips]

    Premium collection of clips from the most important sites of Syrian cultural heritage. Syria is a country with a rich and varied history, and this collection features the main UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

    First on our list is the Old City of Damascus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. From the air, you can see the winding streets and alleys of the Old City, as well as the Great Umayyad Mosque of Damascus and the legendary Al-Hamidiyah Souq. As you fly over the citadel of Aleppo at the sunset, a massive fortress that stands proudly atop a hill in the center of the city, you can see the ancient city of Aleppo spread out below, with its bustling streets, markets, and minarets. The Krach des chevaliers is another must-see destination in Syria. This massive Crusader castle is considered one of the best-preserved castles in the world, and its towering walls and elaborate architecture are a sight to behold. From the air, you can see the full extent of the castle's size and complexity, as well as the stunning views it offers of the surrounding countryside. The Ugarit archaeological site is another important stop on this tour of Syrian cultural heritage sites, from the air, you can see the layout of the city and some of its most important structures. Next, we take you to the ancient site of Palmyra, a city that was once a major hub of the Silk Road. The ruins of Palmyra are among the most well-preserved in the world, and the aerial footage in this collection captures the majesty and beauty of this ancient city. From above you will see that the imposing columns are still standing as well as the Roman theater. Unfortunately you will also discover the temple of Bel in ruins, of which only the entrance arch remains. Finally, we conclude this collection with a visit to the Castle of Saladin, a massive fortress that was built in the 12th century. This aerial footage is the perfect way to end this tour of Syrian cultural heritage sites and get a sense of the rich history and culture of this fascinating country.

    This collection of unique, rare and post-conflict clips takes you on a journey to the cradle of civilization. It is sure that this collection of clips on Syria will find a place of choice in your next documentary.

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  • Hydroelectric Dam
    [16 clips]

    Collections of clips from a modern electronics research and development facility: diverse engineers work on computer motherboard soldering. Scientists design industrial PCBs, silicon microchips, semiconductors. Engineer project manager talks with scientist working on computer. Diverse team of professionals design electronic silicon parts.

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  • French Polynesia
    [68 clips]

    Collections of clips and packs of a scuba diving trip in French Polynesia, an underwater paradise like there is no other. Through the islands of Bora Bora, Fakarava, Ranguiroa, Tahiti, Tikehau, Moorea, Maupiti and many others you will dive in crystal clear water and blue lagoons with hundreds of different species of coral and pelagic fish. Also, French Polynesia is known as the largest shark santuary on our blue planet, the only place in the world where you can observe 6 species of sharks in a single dive : Grey reef sharks, Tiger sharks, Black-tip sharks, White-tip sharks, Nurse sharks and Lemon sharks.

    The dives are mainly drifting because of the underwater topography of its passes where life is teeming : turtles, dolphins, school of snapers, eagle rays, turtles, manta rays, marbled groupers, tuna, napoleons, titan triggerfish, stingrays...More than 800 species inhabit this unique underwater environment.

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  • African Savannah
    [112 clips]

    Collections of clips and packs from a safari in the African savanna. Discover the incredible diversity of African fauna and flora which includes many species of trees such as acacias, candelabra, baobabs but above all a large quantity of wild species: reptiles, monkeys, birds, small and large mammals, herbivores as carnivores coexist in the savannah. If the Serengeti and the Kruger are today the most famous national parks in Africa, the fauna can also be observed in the savannahs of Namibia, Kenya, Zimbabwe or Botswana. Enter the wild world of lions, hyenas, leopards, baboons, hippos, rhinos, elephants and many more.!

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  • Switzerland
    [66 clips]

    Collections of clips from Switzerland's most iconic and breathtaking locations. Experience the incredible beauty of Switzerland from above with our aerial premium clips collection.

    From the stunning Aletsch glacier, the largest in the Alps, to the fairytale-like castles of Gruyere and Schloss Seeburg, this collection captures the unique charm of the Swiss landscape.

    Fly over the beautiful Castle of Chillon, situated on the shores of Lake Geneva, and marvel at the turquoise waters of Lago di Bianco. Take in the stunning views of the alpine lake Bachalpsee, the thundering Staubbach waterfall, and the picturesque red trains that wind their way through the mountains. Travel with us and fly over the water tower of Europe.

    This collection offers a unique perspective on Switzerland's natural and cultural treasures, making it a must-have for any video project or film production. Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring a touch of Swiss magic to your video!

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  • Wind Farm
    [41 clips]

    Clip collections and packs of several wind farms. These wind power plants or power stations bring together several wind turbines in the same place that produce electricity. Wind parks can be onshore or offshore. Some of the largest wind farms can generate up to several thousand megawatts. If wind turbines located on land are often criticized for their visual impact on landscapes, this is not the case for those located at sea. Although energy production capacities depend on weather conditions, wind turbines remain one of the most important alternative means of producing green energy that respects our environment.There are also parks which today bring together windmills and solar panels in the same place.

    In conclusion, this sustainable technology offers many advantages: the energy is renewable, non-polluting, inexhaustible and reduce the use of fossil fuels like petroleum, coal, natural gas, bitumens, tar sands or heavy oils.

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  • Mauritius
    [65 clips]

    Collections of clips and packs of Mauritius underwater life, one of the most beautiful islands of the Indian Ocean. The gorgeous turquoise blue water of Mauritius offers an incredible diversity of underwater species: loan of 430 species of pelagic fish and 200 different species of coral. An incredible wealth to which are added many wrecks that delight divers. The dive sites are very numerous and accessible all around this wonderful island. From Djabeda Wreck to Shark Arena, Confetti Bay, Merville Patches, Shark Cathedral, Carpenter, The Wall, you will discover a myriad of exotic creatures and a well-preserved coral reef. The exploration of the many wrecks around the island adds to the biodiversity of the seabed. Sharks, dolphins, tuna fish, marlin, trevallies, turtle, angelfish, butterfly fish, parrotfish, nudibranchs, lobsters, sperm whale, moray eels, clown fish and barracuda to name just a few colorful species that you can encounter in the island's lagoons. As Mark Twain wrote "Mauritius was made first and then heaven".

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  • Morocco
    [39 clips]

    Premium Clip collection showcasing the vibrant culture and stunning landscapes of Morocco from above, a North African country known for its rich history. From the verdant fields of luzerne to the bustling city of Fez, its mosque but also its iconic medina, a true labyrinth of narrow streets and alleys lined with stalls selling a wide range of goods, this collection captures the essence of Morocco. Remember, the medina is home to the Fes el Bali, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is one of the oldest and largest walled cities in the world. Tourists are left speechless when they discover the traditional Fez leather tannery and its vibrant colors. Soar over the historic mosques and imperial city of Meknes, and take in the stunning views of the picturesque village of Moulay Idriss with its terraced fields, nestled in the foothills of the central Atlas mountains. Admire Morocco's golden sunset over the vast olive groves, home to some of the oldest olive trees in the world and enjoy a bird's eye view of the beautiful Moroccan landscape: A trip you will remember!

    Travel with this collection of premium clips offers a unique perspective on the natural and cultural wonders of Morocco, while adding real value to any film project or video production.

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  • Volcanoes
    [29 clips]

    Collection of clips and pack of volcanoes filmed in aerial view : from erupting volcanoes, expelling hot lava and volcanic ash from magma chambers to dormant volcanoes, extinct volcanoes, lava dome, shield volcano, cinder cones, enter the world of supervolcanoes and fearsome fire monsters. Most mountains on earth were formed by volcanic eruptions and the gas emissions resulting from this process formed the Earth's atmosphere. Currently, there are about 500 active volcanoes on the planet. There are many kind of volcanoes, like cryptodomes, stratovolcanoes, fissure vents, mud volcanoes and even submarine, the phenomenon is always the same, plates tectonics moving apart and opening up in the earth's crust allow melting rock to escape, forming volcanoes.

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  • Sea Turtles
    [39 clips]

    Collections of clips of different species of sea turtles. The marine turtles presented in this collection come from many seas and oceans, such as the Red Sea, the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean or the Andaman Sea. They evolve in their natural environment, look for food, or are on cleaning stations. Sea turtles are highly migratory species, there are currently seven species of marine turtles : the green turtle, the loggerhead, the hawksbill, the flatback, the olive ridley, the kemp's ridley and the leatherback. Almost all species are now classified as endangered and their numbers continue to decrease alarmingly each year. The destruction of their natural habitat is due to human activity, the presence of plastic in the oceans and climate change affect them enormously.

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  • Nuclear Power Plant
    [19 clips]

    Nuclear Power Plant Clip Collections: Atomic energy finds its source in the fission of the atom, by splitting the atom, it releases its energy. This process, using uranium fuel, takes place inside nuclear power plant reactor core. As is typical in thermal power plants, the reactor heats water to generate steam which drives the blade of a steam turbine connected to a generator which produces electricity.

    From these aerial and camera views, you can see the cooling towers releasing steam. A nuclear power plant has a low carbon footprint like solar power or a wind farm and is considered a renewable source of energy, but raises more questions about safety, knowing that nuclear disasters have already taken place, the most famous being Chernobyl and Fukushima.

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  • Wrecks and Caves
    [59 clips]

    Clip collections of a variety of wrecks and underwater caves. Discover on these beautiful wrecks rich underwater life, fish, soft corals everywhere, dramatic mood and atmosphere, beautiful lights, it's like you are on the hunt for treasure buried at the bottom of the ocean. Explore atmospheric underwater caves with experienced divers, they progress in the narrow canyons lit by rays of light. Shipwrecks and caves are mysterious underwater worlds that attract technical divers, underwater cameramen or photographers, but also archaeologists. There are more than 3 million shipwrecks at the bottom of the waters of planet Earth, of all kinds: military, historic or contemporary wrecks and provide vast habitats for many types of marine life.

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  • Coral Reefs & Fish
    [165 clips]

    Collections of clips of different coral and fish species from around the world. Many species of fish depend on corals for food and habitat, on the other hand corals depend on the browsing of certain fish for their reproductive success. Discover these complex ecosystems with tremendous biodiversity and colorful fish from the seas and oceans of our blue planet. Coral reefs are home to thousands of species of fish and there is a very strong interconnection between them, unfortunately corals and fish are highly threatened by global warming, pollution and overfishing. However, it remains possible by diving to observe these wonders of nature: in the Red Sea, in the Pacific Ocean, in the Andaman Sea, on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia or in certain lagoons around the world.

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  • Intensive Agriculture
    [84 clips]

    Collections of clips and packs showing fields and intensive agricultural productions around the world: through aerial views filmed by drone, discover vast areas where grow different types of

    crops: corn, wheat, soybeans, rice, olives but also fruits and vegetables mainly in greenhouses. Industrial agriculture sometimes extends over thousands of square kilometres, polluting the soil and contaminating groundwater through the massive use of fertilizers and herbicides, causing terrible environmental damage, damaging the landscapes like deforestation, controlling harvests by creating hybrid seed varieties. Intensive farming is mechanized agriculture often performed by machines such as combines, tractors, liquid herbicide sprayers. The same mechanisms and methods are used for intensive breeding.

    Industrial agricultural practices go hand in hand with the growing needs of the world population but do not adapt to the needs of soil regeneration, nor to a sustainable future due to massive use of water and fossil fuels.

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  • Andaman Sea
    [150 clips]

    Collections of clips and packs on the underwater fauna of the Andaman Sea. From Similan and Surin Islands National Park to popular dive sites such as Ko Lanta and Phuket, this handpicked footage collection will introduce you to the magic and richness of the depths of the Andaman Sea. The marine life and fauna, especially on the west coast of Thailand and Malaysia, is rich in colorful coral reefs and the amount of underwater species there is spectacular : you come across huge schools of fish, bluefin travelly and longface emperor hunting, turtles, octopuses, spotted eagle rays, many different species of nudibranchs, sea cucumbers, muticolored parrotfish, banded sea snakes, trumpet fish, porcupine fish, powderblue surgeon fish, yellow edge moray and so many more. Finally, this memorable liveaboard will take you scuba diving at the legendary Richelieu Rock dive site where the marine diversity is absolutely incredible.

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  • School of Fish
    [114 clips]

    Collections of clips of different species of fish living in groups also called shoal of fish or school of fish. A school of fish moves in unison, staying very close to each other, they change direction at the same time, swim in a coordinated and synchronized way, like snappers, sardines, goatfish, fusilier or maori snappers. A single group may include several thousand fish. A shoal of fish, on the other hand, is a group of fish made up of several individuals that can group together different species that will stay together for social reasons, reproduction, hunt or to escape predators more easily, like the trevallies and the long-faced emperor. This phenomenon of underwater life is fascinating and sought after by many divers.

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  • Rays
    [26 clips]

    Clip collections of different ray species. The species of ray presented in this collection come from many seas and oceans, such as the Red Sea, the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean or the Andaman Sea. They evolve in their natural environment and often gather on cleaning stations. There are around 630 species of rays, from the big ones like the giant manta rays to the little ones like the short-nose electric ray. Stingrays, golden cownose rays, manta rays, eagle rays, blue spotted rays and the other ray species are close relatives of sharks. Unfortunately, overfishing and pollution of the oceans have led to the disappearance of more than 70% of rays in the last 50 years, so that some species are now threatened with extinction, not to mention the disruption of marine ecosystems.

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  • Sharks
    [51 clips]

    Collections of clips of different species of sharks among the seas and oceans of the world. In the underwater world, there are about 500 different species of sharks among which are the tiger shark, the lemon shark, the black tip shark, the longimanus, the white tip shark, the galapagos shark or the guitar shark, whale shark, gray shark, hammerhead shark, the mako shark, the great white shark and many more. For a long time, following the movie "Jaws", sharks were hated and feared, while contrary to popular belief, there are very few shark attacks on humans. Today, far from the image of the aggressive and carnivorous animal, the shark is one of the protected species. Indeed, in less than 50 years more than 70% of the world population of sharks has disappeared, victims of overfishing, especially for their fins. Overfishing has also emptied the oceans of prey that sharks feed on. Sharks are considered the APEX of the oceans.

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