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Black-striped salema fish schooling near rocky seabed

School of Fish - Clip 35

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Ray-finned Fish Glittering in Clear Shallows. 

In this underwater video clip, we observe a large school of black-striped salema fish swimming in close proximity to one another near the rocky seabed. The water is clear, allowing us to see the distinct black stripes running along the bodies of these slender, oval-shaped fish. As they swim, their synchronized movements create an image of unity and purpose. Each salema moves almost identically to its neighbor, turning and darting around the rocks that protrude from the ocean floor. The environment in the shot is calm, and the fish seem undisturbed by the presence of the camera, continuing their natural behavior in the wild.

Marine Fish Footage: School of Salema Grunts Over Rocks.

This clip offers a high-definition view of the black-striped salema fish in their natural habitat, utilizing the best in modern camera technology to capture the scene in up to 2160p 4K resolution, as well as in the more commonly used 1080p HD. The video is available for various applications, ranging from educational content that delves into marine biology to serene background visuals for various media. It is formatted to suit diverse preferences, including a landscape mode with a 16:9 aspect ratio, perfect for traditional screens, and a vertical 9:16 format ideal for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram reels, TikTok, and YouTube shorts.

The black-striped salema, scientifically known as Xenocys jessiae, belongs to the family Haemulidae. These fish typically grow to about 20-25 centimeters in length and can have a lifespan of several years in the wild. Their bodies are streamlined for efficient swimming, with dorsal and anal fins that help stabilize their movements, and forked tails that provide propulsion. During the day, salema fish are often found in schools near reefs and rocky bottoms, where they seek safety in numbers. At night, they tend to disperse to feed, using their agility to navigate through their environment. This footage captures the essence of their daily activities and the environment they thrive in, providing a clear view of their interaction with the underwater world.

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