Sharks [51 clips]

Collections of clips of different species of sharks among the seas and oceans of the world. In the underwater world, there are about 500 different species of sharks among which are the tiger shark, the lemon shark, the black tip shark, the longimanus, the white tip shark, the galapagos shark or the guitar shark, whale shark, gray shark, hammerhead shark, the mako shark, the great white shark and many more. For a long time, following the movie "Jaws", sharks were hated and feared, while contrary to popular belief, there are very few shark attacks on humans. Today, far from the image of the aggressive and carnivorous animal, the shark is one of the protected species. Indeed, in less than 50 years more than 70% of the world population of sharks has disappeared, victims of overfishing, especially for their fins. Overfishing has also emptied the oceans of prey that sharks feed on. Sharks are considered the APEX of the oceans.

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