Banda Sea [69 Clips]

This rare collection of premium clips features the incredible biodiversity of the underwater wildlife of the Banda Sea. Located in the Indo-Pacific area, the Banda Sea is surrounded by hundreds of islands. The videos perfectly illustrate the richness of this sea located in the coral triangle. Coral species are extremely numerous there and represent a habitat for more than 50% of reef fish.

These crucial ecosystems are home to both common species such as turtle, clown fish, butterfly fish, scorpion fish, crocodile fish, anthias and damselfish but also rarer and exceptional species such as giant clam, spiny lobsters or the broadclub cuttlefish. Through these plans produced with the greatest care, you will find the atmosphere and luminosity of the seascapes typical of this region of the world.

With this collection created by a known and recognized professional filmmaker, as with all the others, we wanted to help bring this cinematic touch to your film or documentary projects. Taking advantage of the latest technologies in digital grading, our post production expert team has prepared for you shots that perfectly reproduce all the colors of this natural wonder in order to meet your highest expectations and be ready to be integrated into your timeline. Producers, filmmakers and advertising agencies find in this collection a resource of clips offering rare and exceptional images that can enrich a documentary, an educational film or even an advertisement for a demanding client.

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